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Introduce students to STEM classrooms with a specially designed STEM training kit consisting of state of the art equipment and hundreds of components for several DIY projects, by teaching the wonders of electronics, programming, and robotics.

STEMians Classroom Bundle

STEMians Mini Classroom Bundle

STEMians Add-On Bundle – IoT

Free STEM Tools

We offer free STEM tool and Software’s that enables the kids to learn about future technology in an interactive and engaging manner. Our STEM Software and tools encourage the creativity and problem-solving skills of the kids.

Updated Curriculum

Collect the technical expertise and educate students into tomorrow’s innovators with the help of our state of art learning curriculum that includes tutorials, technical documentation, activity sheets, support papers, and a project guide.

Knowledge Base

Gather the technical know-how and nurture students into tomorrow’s innovators with the help of a vast treasury of learning riches consisting of tutorials, technical documentation, activity sheets, support documents, and a project-making guide book.

Training Classes

Whether it’s your school or center, our experts are ready to conduct live classes for 40 hrs. We embraced with a professional development resource to train students on programming, robotics, and electronics courses with real time projects to improve and track student’s progress

Why choose us

21st Century Skills

We blend theory with experiential learning which helps develop the must-have 21st-century skills.

Interactive Tool and Technology

With our interactive software and tools help students to effortlessly learn and understand the latest trends and technology

Innovative Learning Methodologies

Deep understanding of concepts by training through innovative and hand hands-on methods

Custom Package

We offer personalized packages as per the student’s age, strength and duration of classes.

Up-to-date curriculum

Research-based STEM curriculum materials complied with National and International standards.


Free training and assistance by our experts on our hardware and software.

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    Robotics is the best way to introduce students to STEM education. And to make sure that they enjoy it while fully understanding and retaining all the concepts is by providing hands-on STEM learning. The best way to teach robotics in the classroom is by making robotics learning kits a part of the classroom.

    STEMians provides classroom robotics kits that are specially designed for introducing students, especially beginners, to the basics of robotics along with electronics and programming in an edutaining way.

    Other development boards like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi are no doubt great places to start. But these are of limited use without accessories. One will require tons of sensors, will have to invest money in purchasing shields for every other thing, deal with unnecessarily complex circuits which may not be very difficult to make for an experienced person but extremely hectic to debug for everyone, need to have a decent programming background, all of which consumes a lot of time and leads to spending a lot  while making projects.

    evive, on the other hand, is an extremely power-packed and versatile prototyping platform, with features worth over $300 built-in, be it plug-and-play control for actuators, a built-in audio-visual interface, ammeter and voltmeter functions, basic oscilloscope functions, built-in BLE/ ESP/ XBee ports, etc. If one has a decent experience already, evive would be sufficient for your learning-building-debugging needs. If still a beginner, the evive Starter Kit is one of the best robotics learning kits.

    The evive Starter Kit, which forms an integral part of our STEM classroom packs, comes with a ~100-page book through which students can learn the basics of electronics, programming, and robotics in the classroom in an engaging way with the educator there to help them and solve their doubts. We also provide a vast treasury of learning resources where you can find online courses, tutorials, example projects, discussion forums, etc. to help you get started and keep learning.

    In short, the evive Starter Kit is the best classroom robotics kit! ?